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Fablab Academy

Fab Academy is an intensive five-month program that teaches students to envision, design and prototype projects using digital fabrication tools and machines. It is a multi-disciplinary and hands-on learning experience that empowers students to

learn-rapid prototyping by planning and executing a new project each week, resulting in a personal portfolio of technical accomplishments. And inspires them to make stuff locally to become active participants in sustainable cities and communities

fab academy

Fab Digital Fabrication

FABLAB Rwanda organizes training that facilitate young graduates, innovators,
individuals and organizations in advancing their knowledge on the use and
implementation of Internet of things (IoT), digital fabrication and interior design. It
focuses on introducing people to the use of different machines. It also focuses on
equipping young innovators and individuals with the latest knowledge related to digital fabrication and use of machines.

Fab Accelerator Program

FabLab accelerator program supports young graduates, innovators, entrepreneurs and individuals to learn by doing, designing and build their ideation,the program provides them with mentorship training and skills development to generate innovative solutions to successful business. It’s opens up doors to jobs opportunities, access to network of investors and collaborators at their disposal to help them achieve their goal in any sector such us agriculture, engineering, manufacturing, renewable energy, environment, health, education, fintech, construction, etc. using digital technology to scale their impact nationally, or regionally


Tech Upskills

Tech Upskills offer training to young tech talents and innovators, and connect them to a variety of opportunities. The project creates awareness, builds interest in young people, and identifies promising future tech talents that can be further supported. Through the training you get hands-on training from different experts in software development, CAD, hardware manufacturing, mentorship, internship, employment opportunities and access to incubation programs.

Fab Wood Initiative

The Fabwood initiative is in place to create opportunities among small/medium entreprises who established business in woods,carpentry tailoring and leather by giving them access to advanced digital manufacturing technology and providing them with knowledge and skills for job success through training, where new technologies are at a strong demand for quality wood products. the use of hand and power tools including CNC machinery is mastered in the training

The initiative aims to broker partnerships among key stakeholders to unlock
opportunities for already established companies and individual entrepreneurs through training, technical assistance, and peer mentoring. Thus, it’s creating a vibrant business environment, increasing the number of viable and investment-ready start-ups and the Country’s best digital fabricators.

young maker

Fab Young Makers

Young Maker education is a creative way to help children become inventors. It stimulates thinking and practical skills. The children create their own designs from start to finish and from design to software to output; all steps have a place in the program.
We worked with both software and machines, such as the 3D printer and laser cutter. While experimenting with the machines, the children become aware of their functions and how to use them.