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Keith Keller
About Fablab Rwanda

Who we are

FabLab Rwanda is a space for members to turn innovative ideas into products specifically in the hardware and electronics domain. The space provides a platform for capacity building and integration of hardware skills with software knowledge and quickly bringing Rwandan innovators closer to the Internet of Things era. The space provides collaborative community, Knowledge base and innovation business model Guidance with a core focus to increase Rwanda’s competitiveness in the fields of Design, Engineering, Electronics, Fabrication and High-Tech innovative business.

FABLAB Rwanda also serves as a model for the nation’s leaders in policy, government, and industry, to experience, first hand, Fab Lab’s grass roots approach in developing technical education and literacy, promoting innovation and launching inventions while transforming traditional industries into digital fabrication agents.

Innovation Lab

Our Mission

FabLab Rwanda Ltd mission is to provide knowledge and skills, access to the tools, innovate and invent using technology and digital fabrication to allow anyone to make (almost anything).We will accomplish this while providing quality of training, access to high standard digital facilities and excellent quality services to our primary beneficiaries who are engineering graduates, educational institutions, non-profit and community organizations and creating an enjoyable working environment for our employees.

Our Vision

To be a well-established digital fabrication company in Rwanda that is able to meet customer’s needs and deliver on time.

Our objectives

To Provide shared workspace and tools for schools, TVETs & individuals to work and develop ideas into products in a wide range of domains.
To develop Skills in technology education through events & workshops
To facilitate translation of innovative concepts into marketable products
To enhance the number of professional design experts in Rwanda with word class hands on experience and access to tools.
To increase research and improve designs of African centric hardware tools


It makes our innovation program and training possible for everyone to access and
empower our trainees into employment, by running an employability training program to
support their move into long-term, sustainable employment in the future.

Our core values


We believe that everyone may have innovative ideas and should have the space to turn those innovative ideas into products. At FabLab Rwanda we encourage creative and inspirational ideas that will help the community.


We recognize that union makes strength and no one can solve the challenges in design and digital fabrication alone. We believe in a community where people or organizations working together can create a greater impact than individual organizations can accomplish alone.

Think Big

In our business of digital fabrication, we need to challenge everything we do, we challenge our ideas to see what is possible to implement.

In partnership with:

We believe that partnership is a key element of success in a global market in
manufacturing digital products.