FabLab Rwanda overview

Fablab is a community of individuals with innovative ideas in hardware and electronics field who works on turning them in to working prototypes. However the aim of developing all these innovative ideas does not stop from making a prototype only, we strive to see many products on market that are made in FabLab. We facilitate innovators by giving them access to tools and providing them with equipment for prototyping their various projects.


Our mission

FabLab Rwanda exists to:


  • Provide shared workspace and tools for schools, TVETs & individuals to work and develop ideas into products
  • Develop Skills in technology education through events & workshops
  • Facilitate translation of innovative concepts into marketable products
  • Enhance number of professional design experts in Rwanda with world class hands on experience and access to tool.
  • Increase research and improve designs of African centric hardware tools

How we work

How to reach us!

Contact us at the Fablab office, Telecom House or send us an email at info@fablab.rw.

FabLab Rwanda is a good place for innovation Since individuals are given access to tools for digital fabrication.

Robert Mugisha
Managing Director, DopeApps